Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Assignment 1 - Viewing Light


Because a camera is based on light, this week whether you have your camera with you or not, we should try to observe different sources of light and how they fall on different subjects. Theoretically, whatever we see, we should be able to photograph. So, take note of what lighting situations you are drawn to, observe what the light source is, where it comes from, which angle and which way looking at it seems the most interesting. For example, my cat was laying on my bed yesterday and the sunlight was coming through the window. Because it was coming in at a 45 degree angle and hitting him from behind, it caused his fur to “glow” around the edges. This would be interesting to photograph. Also, there are many Christmas lights at night for this time of year… As you look at your tree or lights in the snow, think of different angles that would be interesting to photograph from. As sun peaks through trees and creates long shadows on the snow, think about why that’s interesting… the sun is low in the sky and makes longer lines than midday. All in all, try to observe light, the source, the angle, and why it appeared interesting… even if you don’t catch it on film. Then, feel free to report back and post what you saw. This is to practice seeing with the eyes of a photographer.

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