Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Assignment #1 Photos

I'm not home for much daylight in the winter.. leave for work and it's dark. Get home from work and its pitch black outside already... so getting some shots in different light might be hard right now, but I dug through my previous photos with my xti and found these that I thought paid special attention to lightning when I took them.

Sunset in Orlando - Animal Kindgom Villas

Sunset in Chicago - Venitian Night 07

A day lily on an early summer morning

A cone flower in the middle of the day - noon sunlight

I'm going to keep my eyes open for other interesting lighting though, even if it's at work or somewhere I don't have my camera. Maybe if I ever get my Christmas tree up this year, I might be able to create some new interesting lighting.... :)


Sandie Dunn Photography said...

Nice work!!! I love the yellow flower! And, catching the bee in flight is just way too cool! Great job!

Nancy said...

Love the light on the flowers. Great job on the assignment.

Kindy said...

Wow i love the city skyline pics they are great

cherie said...

you used a variety of different lighting here . very good examples too.like the city at night.

Janet said...

Great photos! I love the flowers and the skyline.

Jane said...

Love that daylilly shot and the bee coming in for a landing!!